Our inspirations came from ourselves as international students. We know that it is difficult for international students to get an internship or formal work experience. This is usually because of visa restrictions or language requirements. Hence, we thought of an idea to increase international students’ work opportunities so that they can gain work experience and grow professionally, leading us to develop Introship.

What it does

Our website prototype which has three main pages. The Home page has information about the program, the benefits, the testimonials, and also a form to send any inquires to us. Then, the Introship page is for international students. On this page, you can see a list of our programs and their information. If you click on apply, it will direct you to another page. This page contains more information and the button to apply for it. The last page, the Employer page, is for employers. If there are interested in facilitating our program, they can contact us by clicking the button on the page.

How We built it

First of all, we store all our documents or files on Google Drive. We built the website using a website builder called Wix. This platform provides flexibility and a good amount of resources such as images, icons, and other things as well. For the video, we use Clipchamp. It's a website that is relatively easy to use for editing videos. In addition, it allows the user to record the screen and generates a voice over from text.

Challenges We ran into

The first challenge we had was coming up with an idea that solve real world problems. As we're natually critical of our ideas, we were stuck in a loop of ideating and then criticising our own ideas. Subsequently, we found it challenging in organising our thoughts and structuring them so it will justify the solution. Our team also lacks someone with a business background that could help market or pitch our ideas.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were proud that we could work harmoniously as a team even though it is our first time meeting each other. Even when members of the team are being critical, everyone was open to feedback to improve the solution. We worked closely together and help each other out to meet every checkpoint. Finally, even though there were some hiccups, we were able to adapt quickly as a team and did not give up when things were rough.

What We learned

We learned how to come up with new ideas, the process and steps of building a business model, how to quickly prototype and how to pitch our idea. But most importantly, we learned how to work as a team under time pressure to accomplish our goal together.

What's next for HYF Nilihism

Friendship forged! We also hope that our idea won't end here and that it could become a reality. Support Introship!

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