Our Inspiration✨

We were all longing for human connection during quarantine while also coping with the loss of many connections due to COVID. This was the main inspiration behind ‘Hyellow’. We wanted to make it as inclusive as possible and also interactive and fun, so during our brainstorming sessions we came up with the wildest ideas and hoped to bring them to life.

What Hyellow Does

Hyellow eases the tiresome process of making new connections by presenting more compatible relationship prospects to you in the form of matches.

What Makes Hyellow Different❔⭐

Originality: We are not just a run-of-the-mill dating app, we value real human connection in multiple forms including friendship. We use personality tests to create compatible relationships and quantify their chance of success using a percentage. A unique feature we have is the ‘choose later’ option, which allows users to neither like nor dislike the user and simply have them pop up later while swiping.

Most of all, we have an amazing team of creative thinkers that comes up with the wildest ideas and works towards building them.

How Did We Build Hyellow?

We created a Flask web app written in Python and integrated SQLite as we needed to create a database to store the users and their attributes as tags. The frontend was written mostly in HTML5 and CSS.

Challenges We Overcame🔥

The physiological and mental strains of staying up for 24 hours. This was one of the hardest parts of this project, and the fact that some of us were in opposite timezones made it even more difficult, but by creating camaraderie with each other we were able to motivate each other to not only stay awake but also code! Coding-wise, we also had some trouble with reading user input, but we were able to overcome this by researching together.

As 4 first-years, we also do not have a lot of experience. This is one of our first hackathons, but we wanted to choose an ambitious project that challenged us, which we believe we managed to do.

Our Accomplishments🏆

Working as a seamless team by having an environment of open and honest communication. Confusions are dealt with immediately as we reach out to one another and ask everyone else for help without feeling pressured or inadequate. Frictionless teamwork through 24 sleep-deprived hours.

Our Takeaway

The core driving force of our team is planning. We had intense to-do lists that helped us understand precisely what each of us had to do. Structure within the team is essential especially in time-and-brain-power demanding situations. We learned that embracing our different strengths and leveraging them to our advantage as a team maximized our individual potentials. We also found that as we embraced our own skills, we gave each other the space to learn new things comfortably.

What's Next for Hyellow - The Connection-Making App ?💥

There are NUMEROUS features we thought of during the brainstorming phase that we were not able to work on due to time constraints. Here are our top 5:

  1. A space for each user to display their favorite meme that you can see while swiping
  2. A user being able to set a song that is played when their profile is viewed
  3. A pickup line generator embedded in the chatbox
  4. A gamer mode where gamers can be matched based on their favorite games
  5. Sharing your location with a close friend while on a date to stay safe
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