Due to rising global temperatures and climate change, Hoboken is seeing a surge in severe storms and will continue on this pattern. The Federal Emergency Management Agency reported that 79% of Hoboken is in a higher risk flooding zone.

The city of Hoboken is doing a fantastic job at larger-scale protection measures. However, there is still a lack of smaller projects on the individual level or resources for residents to figure out the best preventative measures based on their apartment location. Hoboken is not meeting the need of citizens on the personal level, and HydroSource will help fill that gap.

What it does

HydroSource aims to give additional support to the Hoboken community and dive deep into the real risk of flooding damage. We will give individualized protection recommendations based on the location.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

We have never programmed a whole website without outside libraries to help. It was difficult to learn more in-depth the aspects of CSS and JavaScript.

What we learned

We learned how to use JavaScript, and make a modern-looking website with only CSS. It was exciting to see all of the interactive features.

What's next for HydroSource Hoboken

We hope to learn more about web development, and get better at it :)

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