Our inspiration for this project is that we, like many people, enjoy taking long showers. However, this is bad for the environment and it wastes water as well. This app is a way for us and other people to monitor their water usage effectively and take steps to conserve water, especially in the face of worsening droughts.

What it does

Solution for effective day-to-day monitoring of water usage Most people only know how much water they would use monthly from their water bill This project is meant to help residents effectively locate which areas of their home are using too much water, potentially helping them assess leaks. It also helps them save money by locating areas that are conserving water well so they can continue to save water in that area.

How we built it

We chose to approach this project by using machine learning to help a user conserve their water by having an algorithm predict what sources of water (such as a toilet or a faucet) are using the most amount of water. We came up with a concept for the app and created a wireframe to outline it as well. The app would be paired with the use of sensors, which can be installed in the pipes of the various water sources in the house. We built this project using Google Colab, Canva for the wireframe, and Excel for the data formatting.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a bit of time trying to look for datasets to match our goals, and we ended up having to format some of them differently. We also had to change how our graphs looked because we wanted to display the data in the clearest way possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We formatted and used datasets pretty well. We are glad that we created a basic wireframe to model our app and we are proud we created a finished product, even if its not in a functional form yet.

What we learned

We learned how to deal with data sets and how to put lines into graphs and we also learned how to analyze graphs at a deeper level and to make sure they matched the goals of our project.

What's next for Hydrosaver

In the future we hope to create the sensor for this project and find a way to pair it with an accompanying app. We also hope to gain access to or collect more comprehensive data about water consumption in homes.

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