As a team, we know that we need to save water as individuals. We wondered, do businesses save water too?

How do we know which businesses save water?

So we decided to tackle how a business can monitor water usage and inform their customers.

What it does

  • displays how much water is used
  • displays ranking between businesses
  • promotes water reduction through competition
  • displays methods of water reduction for a given industry
  • displays government targets, and how on track a particular company is

How we built it

  • we created a website that displayed business rankings and an overlay widget that displayed example numbers, of a given business.

Challenges we ran into

  • finding data, on pricing, and water acquisition by industry, and business.
  • building a usable project, with correct numbers, and integration into business websight

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • we are proud of the teamwork we displayed, and our overall work ethic.
    • Everyone had a chance to suggest ideas, draw their own prototypes.

What we learned

  • we have learned how water is utilized and handled in the hunter water region
    • we asked some customers what water practices they already use

What's next for Hydro-Neutral

  • produce a way to more actively incentivize water use in times of high flow events
  • produce an automated approach to input data, for company/business
    • Teach businesses how to save more water
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