Our childhood fantasies of bending elements like in "Avatar The Last Air Bender"

What it does

Simulate the art of water-bending through the use of cohesive water particles -- Gives the user full control over the viscosity and the direction of the water flow by trigger sensitivity, and also allows for one-handed or two-handed water control.

How we built it

Used the unity engine and the Oculus VR integration. Created terrain using simple texture packs and water through use of particles with predetermined behavioral relationships with each other.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first experience with game development with a game engine as well of VR, so we had to learn everything as we implemented.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Eliminating all glitches and problematic movement, and implementing the logic for the particle bending that felt natural and enjoyable.

What we learned

As beginners to both unity and XR, this was a great introduction to XR and game development in general, and we learned a lot about planning and executing larger scale projects.

What's next for Hydro-bending Demo

More features!!

Built With

  • unity-oculus
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