This is built for Deilotte Garage Online Challenge 2019


The Dutch landscape is changing, wind turbines and solar panels are everywhere. However, only 6.6% of the total energy consumed is from renewable energy, which is far behind the 2020 target, 14%. In order to encourage higher adoption rate of renewable energy in Dutch households, we need to equip the people with relevant knowledge and suitable technology to harness the power of renewable energy.

Our magic Solution

HydraX focuses over two main aspects. First, it provides online solutions, with the help of HydraX web portal where consumers can get registered for alternative energy sources. Second, through offline services by booking an appointment for technical inspection where consumers get a first-hand interaction with HydraX energy expert team.

How it works

Step 1: Get Registered on HYDRAX- A household-friendly modular system to store and use Hydrogen energy generated from electrolysis process. Step 2: Book An Inspection - At the location and the preferred time, a Hydra X technician will inspect your property. Step 3: Choose Your Mix - The technician will send you a report regarding the suitable renewable energies you can choose to install. Step 4: Install HydraX System - Once confirmed, our technician will take the modular system and install it for you. Step 5: Monitor and Use Energy - You are ready for renewable energy in your property now! Just monitor the usage as you go.

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