I'm a very busy person work almost 12-15 hours a day doing development all the time, this make me forget to drink a water for a long times could reach up to 4-6 hours which is not good for the health so I developed this app on Alexa to solve my problem, and I believe a lot of people facing the same issue in daily basis.

What it does

Simply using Alexa to remind you to drink water every 1-2 hours to keep Hydrated.

How I built it

I started first by developing this sample on my iPhone app then I built it using my Alexa device and AWS.

Challenges I ran into

-Customise the timer either 1 or 2 hours.

  • Stop the timer by saying keyword

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally, I've got an app on Alexa that I'm using it on a daily basis with my family, now I feel more healthy with this app, and I'm sure many people would love to have it.

What I learned

This app opens a lot of ideas I can be developed in future for example for baby monitor reminder, food, gym, etc..

What's next for Hydration timer

My next plan is to add more commands that able to customise the time and snooze the timer for multiple users by saying the name within the commands

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