The current AMM exchange does not conform to the trading habits of traditional users, and the order book exchange built on the blockchain cannot be used due to insufficient liquidity. Therefore, it is necessary to build a product that can not only utilize the liquidity of AMM swap, but also support traditional users' order book trading habits

what it can do

Swap Earn Market order Limit order Share liquidity between order book and liquidity pool

How we built it

Based on uniswap v2, build an order book on LP, support users to use limit orders and market orders

Our challenges

Supporting the order book requires an ordered linked list and a first-in-first-out queue. Currently, there is no good solution for the solidity language.

Our proud achievements

Based on the solidity mapping type, we cleverly constructed an ordered linked list and a first-in-first-out queue, and finally realized the function of the order book

What we learned

Different platforms are suitable for different solutions. Compared with swap, the order book consumes more gas and is only suitable for low gas platforms.

What's Next for Hybridx Swap

Building decentralized derivatives trading based on AMM and order book

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