The idea was ignited 48 hours ago. As we are a diverse group we began to get to know each other and the topic of conversation quickly turned to our holiday plans and the cost associated with that. We all agreed exchanging money to go abroad was not a priority and we wanted this to become a forefront in holiday booking to improve on a traditional process.

What it does

HYBER is a digital currency exchange service which uses the latest innovation in financial technology to help those planning a trip abroad.

HYBER’s service is twofold: to maximise your trip spending money in the build up to your departure. And then when the time is right, convert that money into your desired currency.

How we built it

Using AI and sentiment analysis of social media, news and historical market data, HYBER is able to predict the best times to exchange Currency. Using small incremental trades at the right time, HYBER is able to make money for the User. Utilising the API catalog, we identified that the Exchange Rates and Currency Conversion API would return historic FX data. Pairing this with IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding to gather sentimental data to combine the two into a clean looking front end, built with React Native.

Challenges we ran into

The first problem we encountered was early into development regarding the understanding and location of API authentication which required us to seek help external to our team. HYBER also required the use of the FusionFabric API to feed and enhance the AI and collect data. However, the problem here was that we hit the limit for the amount of call requests multiple times. This was a slight delay but work was able to be done around it.

A final challenge we encountered throughout the weekend was the growth of the UI without the support of a embedded UI/UX member.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accurately using data to future predict the change in FX rates that correlates with actual FX rate data.

What we learned

  • How to run and integrate code with AI using IBM Watson.
  • That a defined plan at start helps create a smoother journey throughout the whole process.
  • You don't sleep at Hackathons.

What's next for HYBER

HYBER had many plans for the future, especially in the B2C sector, such as:

  • Users are able to add more than 1 trip
  • Users can ‘queue’ trips
  • Integrate Apple/Google pay for payments
  • Progress and payment notifications
  • Users are able to select a risk attitude
  • Family trips, multiple contributions
  • Linked accounts
  • Currency buy back
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