Every term, universities around the world, including my own play a game called Humans vs Zombies. In this game, Nerf and sock-weapon wielding Humans fight for objectives and points against an ever growing zombie hoard. Humans sock whip or shoot zombies with Nerf guns to stun them for 15 minutes, and zombies chase and touch humans to infect them.. and permanently turn them into a zombie!

An online system with player IDs has been set up for Waterloo's game. In the event of a kill or a stun, players must write down the other player's ID, however this often takes a long time and gameplay does not stop! Humans may still be killed while taking down information, and this happens a lot. In addition, information regarding time, location and other details are required when officially registering the stun/kill on the HvZ site. HvZ Tag Spotter helps speed up the information collection time, as well as automatically tracking time, date, and location to get gameplay moving again as fast as possible, and providing better recollection of events when players finally get a chance to report them.

This is my unofficial "submission" for Hack the North, 2015.

What it does

You first register on the app as either a human or a zombie, then you are brought to a screen containing faction specific functions. Humans can report stunning a zombie or being killed themselves, and zombies can report being stunned. In both cases, logging an event will take into account the type of report, the other player's ID, as well as take the gps location and current time. These events are listed and can be brought up later as a reference when entering online.

Challenges I ran into

This was the first time I had ever opened Android Dev Tools, so its been a learning experience from the start. For a while I ended up "flying blind", copying and pasting code examples until I was finally comfortable enough to go ahead and code on my own. Learning about API keys (for Google Maps) also took me a while to figure out.

What I learned

A lot about Android programming. In fact, I learned everything I know about Android programming from this project, technically... Apart from Java programming itself of course.

What's next for HvZ Tag Spotter

I want to get NFC implemented so players can just tap their phones together to share player details quickly. I also would love to get some official integration into the HvZ system! Also, graphical improvements is something I'd like to pursue as well after I get the functionality down.

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