The United States trails most other developed nations in terms of access to health care. A large swath of the population has trouble affording even the most basic of health procedures. Preventative medicine and regular checkups are neglected, including vision and hearing assessments. But what if there was a cheap and easy way for people to check their own vision and hearing, using just the Phone in their pocket and some headphones? HVA (Health Vision Assessment) aims to make it easier for people in low resource settings and healthcare deserts to track changes in their sight and hearing.

What it does

HVA allows users to take both hearing and visual assessments. It automatically scores their results, and can then indicate when something falls outside of the normal range, and additional care should be sought.

How we built it

We built HVA using Java on Android Studio. We tested it with a Samsung Galaxy and a simple pair of headphones.

How to run the app

You can either git clone the app from the github source and open it with Android Studio, or you can install the APK onto your phone.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to display our buttons in a manner that was not too confusing to the users, and problems with different SDKs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all have normal hearing (or mild hearing loss), and are proud that we confirmed that with out app!

What we learned

When you listen to it over the course of 36 hours, the sound of people rubbing their hands together is hilarious.

What's next for HVA

We want to refine our scoring system and alert users if we believe their scores merit them seeking further medical attention. We also want to port the app to Amazon Alexa and iOS.

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