Welcome to "Math Explorer", a game where Earth's existence is dependent on your ability to perform quick math operations.

Since more and more children are using technology nowadays, their time would much better be spent learning math than watching YouTube videos all day. Learning math through memorization is quite boring and unhelpful, so we decided to make an educational game. Initially, one of our biggest concerns was how intuitive the game would be for young children; we wanted to let our players select the correct answer from three buttons with three different choices and one correct answer. However, we realized it would be more beneficial for our players if they not only solved the problem but also physically typed in the answer. In this way, children will also have practice typing and interacting with their computer.

We were influenced by games such as "Typer Shark!" and "Type Racer", whose games challenged the player by forcing them to not only get the correct answer but also finish under a time constraint. In "Math Explorers", we presented a similar idea by having an asteroid constantly pressure the fate of Earth. To survive the disaster, the player must keep answering questions as fast as they can.

With its clean and simple design, "Math Explorers" will hopefully entice young kids to learn while having fun.

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