First ideas:

*Rethink how to react on shortage of everything: masks, desinfectors, safe cleaning standards, etc. Create to-do lists where market can not solve problems.

*Find and react where the shortage of informations threatens lives. Highlits what should be forced to clarify, develop by reglators, what kind of info should be distributed even outside the internet reach

  • Software to fight again, track corona virus. PC platform should be supported first. Smart phone app comes later, the PC and the Smart phone (of the helper) must cooperate
  • The app should ask some questions and store the answers in a local database or log what are fully owned by the patient.
  • The gathered information could be analyzed by doctors in case the patient share it.
  • The app could also warn people who possibly have or had corona virus.
  • Possibly the app could also solve other problems.

Possible goals of this app:

  • Help patient to remember and check elements of her/his treatment
  • Help doctors by providing them data.
  • Help people by finding people who possibly had corona virus. (We heard that the blood plasma of these people can possibly help)
  • Allowing statistical measurement of good or bad side effects of treatments in patient survival of corona virus infection

What it will possibly do:

*Focusing in more than one interrelatad areas: knowledge, recommended practice, Q&A, easy self data collection, optional and voluntary data sharing for research

  • Provide a guide to corona virus while remaning a usefull application if the pandemia will be over:
  • How to disinfect etc...
  • Ask questions, gather the answers in a database.

We found other apps, ideas where the UI is some extent similar to what we imaniged, however not only the internals are must probably basicly different compared to ours, but the existing hiden financial model as well. As we know nothing similar exists what would have been tailored to smaller markets (including Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, etc) and also those apps weren’t so as we imagined our software. Every cultural circle (alphabet, language, location) should have a specialised interface and components for the software. (The primary drog database to be used by Hungarian and Romanian living in Hungary is the Hungarian Official drog database, while the primary drog database to be used by Hungarian and Romanian living in Romania must be the Romanian Official drog database. The primary drog database to be used by Hungarian and Romanian working and living in Germany must be the Official German drog database, etc)

// coming soon:

How we built it: No running code yet, however, many information what we gathered may be, eventually ought to used, distributed as soon as possible.

Challenges we ran into: Similarly looking, however not enough flexible and intelligent app seems to exist. Working together with theirs developer is also a viable option, however their existing hidden financial agreements might stop this. There are question marks if the concurent applications might be extended in the direction what we propose, as they may be limited by existing sponsor-contract. Flexibility needed what allows patients to send, donate their data where they want. Regulators might force this. A list of creteria of becomming acceptable (regulated) research databases might be also determined by the regulators. This is what I would suggest!

Accomplishments that we're proud of: we have a design, we have real "egg of Colombus" solution for effective desinfection, higlighted problems and summarised in Power Point documents wath could be better tackled at EU levels, found partners that could help to liase to other partners in Romanian and Turkish commuunity.

What we learned: "market standards", new tools, libraries, and complications

What's next for our application: make it sexier, create a trade mark and find sponsors for development

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