Inspiration comes from small things. One of our friends gave Joey one bag of instant noodles. One night, Joey was so desperate to eat the noodles but he did not have a pasta pot to heat up the water. He knew that there must be someone in the same residence hall who had a pot he could borrow. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a platform that allows students to share their items conveniently with others in need?

What it does

HuskyShare is a centralized platform that connects students and faculty members in need to share their items and skills. It aims to reduce material redundancy and maximize usage. Meanwhile, students who choose to share can benefit from the rent they earn.

How we built it

Tongxi is working on the backend, he tries to integrate SpringBoot, SpringMVC, and Hibernate frameworks as backend server, using Hibernate ORM to map the object from the database and implementing Spring IoC to accelerate backend programming, then applying SpringMVC to provide functionalities of user interactions. Joey and Shirley are mainly responsible for the front-end and visual display systems. The backend and frontend can easily work together with Thymeleaf.

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing SQL Database and Server Service with Google Cloud Platform
  • Making the website images and modules compatible across the platforms
  • Ensuring a cohesive development between the front-end and back-end team members

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built a stable server and a safe database of a large capacity in a short time span
  • Designed an industry-level branding with Adobe Creative Cloud Series
  • Collaborated efficiently within the limited time frame
  • Created a fully responsive and mobile-compatible website using customized CSS

What we learned

  • Had a deep insight into the Maven for the back-end part of the website
  • Earned a solid understanding of the cascading styling sheet syntax and the bootstrap framework
  • Worked with the SCRUM teamwork framework: evaluated and modified our project after each development period

What's next for HuskyShare

  • Optimize web functions and improve user experiences by implementing a more structured front-end framework
  • Use Spring Security and SSL to protect user information
  • Add student verification by connecting with UW email address to ensure a healthy community
  • Not consider about communities outside of campus
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  • Add user credit system to ensure legal responsibilities
  • Launch the platform officially in 2019
  • Can potentially be launched in every university

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