Our group is a majority of freshmans who were/are struggling at their classes currently. We all came to the consensus where it'd be a whole lot more productive and efficient if we were able to connect with others who are enrolled/enrolling in the classes we were taking. No longer do we have to post on a Facebook page for a study group, only to potentially get 2 likes and 300 people leaving you on read. We wanted to make looking for help easier and fun by meeting new people and getting the assistance needed.

What it does

On a website, you input your name, school email, and courses that you've taken and are taking. With others on the website, it'll match you with someone who has taken the class and are willing to come to your aid.

How we built it

We built this using Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and used Google's Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

In our group of four, we didn't have any experience in Software development or in Web development. This resulted in confusions in implementing Google's Firebase and connecting the front end with the back end. Most of us are freshmens and didn't have a bunch of programming experience in these two aspects, nevertheless, we decided to tackle this task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although it may be simple, we we're proud of being able to use Google's Firebase and write data to it. Being able to send live data was something none of us did and was relieving when it finally worked.

What we learned

We all learned how to implement various API's and also learned how to use git. Also, many of us got to experience front end and back end development, as well as being able to at least send data to Firebase.

What's next for HuskyNet

Hopefully, we can be able to take that data out from Firebase and use your backend algorithms to successfully filter it down to a match.

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