//Health track //Kwun Ting Lin, Kai Yang Huang

Poop happens -- to everyone. The act of pooping has both physiological and psychological effects that feel pleasurable. A healthy gut contributes not only to your body’s well-being but also to your mental state. Scientific studies have shown that pooping causes stimulation in multiple nerves and relaxation of muscles which results in a feeling of pleasure.

For some people, running to the toilet is the first thing in the morning. However, before everything was done virtually, the morning routine was a lot tenser, in about 5 minutes. Now that people are in quarantine, our time at home became less restricted and being on the toilet no longer in a rush. And we are inspired by this because we want people to better use of toilet time.

During this 10 minute span of sitting on the toilet, we want to help students connect to each other. At the same time, due to the potential risk of hemorrhoids, our app also has reminders at different intervals.

We built this project based on some youtube tutorials, react-native doc, and firebase doc. The most difficult thing we faced is to pass data between cloud and client, and also the graphic animation was very challenging. We have barely zero mobile app development experience and React Native experience before the Hackathon, and we want to learn some of those techniques during this event.

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