UW students often experience the struggle and nuisance of refilling their UW Husky Card when they are rushing to print a paper right before class or they are one-button away from getting a snack from the vending machine. The form to refill the UW Husky Card consists of 15 fields to be filled out in order to refill the card. Although the transaction is immediate, not every student has immediate access to a computer or time to fill out the form. (

What it does

Our team created a bot to automate the process of refilling the UW Husky Card. All you have to do is send a Venmo transaction with the amount of money you want added to your Husky Card to the appropriate account (for the purposes of this hackathon it's @5tigerjelly).

How it was built it

We used Java as our main programming language.

Challenges we ran into

We were consistently hesitant about changing our language to python or javascript. We had difficulty using the Google API with Java. Also, we had difficulty opening and filling web forms with Java.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to complete the project even though Java was none of the team member's strengths.

What we learned

We should have discussed our outline and Java libraries to use and determine implementation feasibility.

What's next for Husky Card Refill Bot

Built With

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