Education has been boring and not as interactive as it could be at home. That is why my teammates created their educational websites. For me, self-driving cars will become mainstream before too long, so my dad pointed out how he would want to tell his car to get gas without him.

Their websites allow for interactive study activities and modules. Mine is an app that can tell your self-driving car where to go and what to do. It can also call Uber (which will probably also be self-driving cars too).

They built it using Alice, a 3-D room maker and html for their websites. I did not want to have to pay money just to design an app that won't be useful for decades probably, so I made a basic design on Google Sites

Both of them had a few problems with the programming side of things, while I had a few problems with the formatting of the "app" and other parts of the site. Unfortunately, they were unable to publish them online, so they will have to be seen on their own laptops.

We all finished with time to spare on all ends. Most of us had lots of problems, but we pulled through it.

There was one thing that we were unable to include because it didn't work: a Unity game for Samsung VR. From that, I learned how difficult it is to program and develop for VR. You just can't slap something together, you have to pursue it and work for it.

What's next for Huskie Hacks 2016: Paul, Joe, Zach, and Anjola

We will all probably go our separate ways, but we will continue in whatever fields of study we were planning of going into. Some of us may actually choose something more technical because of this event.

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