Have you ever been in such a hurry that you forgot to mute your phone this one time in and it rang in the worst moment possible? Ever had to turn off your phone in a wild hurry because people were staring at you? We did and really didn't like it. Thanks to this app, you will never have have to worry about it ever again! Thanks to beacon technology and this app you can turn your smartphone into really SMART that knows when to be quiet and not to disturb whatever it is that you are doing.


The target are institutions, where coming people who, stumbled upon unexpected difficulty, are easily carried away, sometimes lack time for paying attention to details or just don’t care about it. In other words - everyone of us from time to time. With this solution, places like for example churches, universities, cinemas, theaters and some of companies will be calm again and will attract people with good atmosphere to concentrate and work. Generally our target are ordinary people, but we won’t do this without interest from this kind of institutions. Beacons gain more attention as they become better and better in connecting virtual world with real one. Unfortunately, they aren't widely used yet. Although app is currently more of a proof-of-concept than actual installation, there is one place we could seek to implement it even right now. Its getting more common for conferences to use beacons to guide and help users around. We could become a module or a standalone app that would help organisers keep everything in place and quiet.


App’s most valuable feature is its simplicity - the less user has to worry about it, the better. After all, this app aims to relieve user of simple yet annoying details. Despite this focus on minimalist design, we had to remember about unusual situations. There are people who work at such ‘silence-friendly’ places but still need to be able to pick up their phone. We gave them the ability to temporarily disable notifications or ringtone control whatsoever. We also plan to add support for fused location that will help to save battery by enabling bluetooth only when it is needed. All data about recognised beacons is backed up by remote server that makes it just a few clicks away to add new beacons that should become no-noise-zone.


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