During the pandemic we have seen some monumental shifts in mental health. Negatively, many people - as a result of isolations, the cancelling of activities, and the deaths of loved ones - experienced downfalls of mental health with conditions such as depression and anxiety at all-time highs. This affected both young and old people alike, making life very difficult. However, during the pandemic, we also saw a shifting of the stigma surrounding mental health, and many people came out to reveal their struggles, and to help others combat theirs.

This is where the inspiration for Hushh came from: to create a minimalist and beautiful mobile application which people could use to work on their mental health through daily minute meditations.

What it does

This mobile application has a simple function, but a big impact. It allows the user to take part in a meditation which has a countdown for a minute, but they can go on for longer if they do so wish. There is an animation similar to that used by the breathe function of the Apple Watch, which promotes relaxation and prompts the user to inhale and exhale at the correct times. There is also an about page where the user can learn more about the positive impacts of daily meditation. The app includes push notifications at 3pm every day prompting the user to do a meditation session. This notification will only show up if the user has not yet conducted a meditation session during that day.

How we built it

This application was build fully using React Native. It uses several packages within react native for it work as intended:

  • react-native-vector-icons/FontAwesome for the Font Awesome icons
  • @react-navigation/native for the navigation between screens
  • @react-navigation/native-stack for the stack navigation
  • react-native Animated for the animation
  • counter and useEffect state for the timer function

Challenges we ran into

I had never created a react native application before (I had only used react for web development), so had to parse through the documentation many times before being able to create certain aspects of the code. The initial setup was particularly hard, as was implementing the timer function, especially getting it to change to a 'meditation over' screen once it had finished.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of creating my first react native app and for making the meditation animation with such ease! The final design is also something I am proud of, since my designs are not often particularly good.

What we learned

I learned lots about React Native: in particular using react routing and the stack navigator to change between different screens in my application.

What's next for Hushh

I hope to continue developing it to contain a light and a dark mode, as well as hopefully releasing it onto the App Store!

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