How often have you wanted to confide in someone or tell someone you have a crush on them without the chance of utter rejection and humiliation? We definitely have. Inspired by this, we wanted to build a messaging platform where people can anonymously send private messages to other people.

The purpose of these messages is multifaceted. The obvious use would be to solve the problem above, which would have the ability to "test the waters" with crushes before having the choice to reveal yourself within the messaging app. A less obvious use would be for kids who are going through hard times to be able to anonymously talk to people who are actually willing to listen without the fear of being judged/hurt.

The key features we're most proud of are the simplicity of the app. The design is very clean and light hearted. Also, the concept and ability to help kids who are really going through hard times is tremendously meaningful to us. We love the idea.

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