We wanted to find a quick and easy for people to get involved with natural distater donation and philanthropy without having to be in the region.

What it does

Our applications allows user to have access to various location drop-offs so they can send goods and supplies to affection regions. We also allow users to donate any amount of money to partner organizations such that these organizations can send off goods to different countries in need.

How I built it

We designed the architecture and planned algorithms for different facets of our product. Then we used Firebase for authentication, databases and the Android Studio IDE to help put all of our ideas together.

Challenges I ran into

Designing an app that was simple to use, intuitive and able to serve our different customers effectively was rather tricky. We also ran into some issues with distributing the correct amount of money to various organizations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was impressed with how fast we were able to build out all of the functionality since we spent a decent amount of time designing

What I learned

Google Maps API, advanced Android architecture, stripe API for managing payments, kotlin, firebase authentication and databases

What's next for hurrileaf

We want to integrate machine learning to be able to better predict how and when people donate, derive insights from what corporations like to donate, and find what goods are most impactful. We want to improve payment processing and tidy up the user interface.

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