After Hurricane Harvey, thousands of houses were damaged, numbers of people were badly in need of food, water and shelter. At the same time, we've also witnessed many warm-hearted donators who volunteered to help and provide utilities. However, due to the lack of communication platform, it is usually inefficient for donators and receivers to pair with each other. Inspired from this need, we came up with the idea of building "HurriCare" website.

What it does

HurriCare provides a easily accessible platform to pair donators and receivers with each other. On the website, donators are able to get the latest news about the natural disaster and post donations. After receiving the post, the website would suggest donators to bring items to the nearest warehouse. In the meanwhile, the website dynamically matches needs from receivers with items in warehouses. Items would then be delivered soon to those in need. In addition, receiver can write feedbacks to donators.

How we built it

With the help of angular.js, we built a beautiful frontend, with user-friendly interface. The frontend communicates with backend by JSON. We used MySQL to build the database, and Django framework to manipulate with database.

Challenges we ran into

The greatest challenges that we've met is to embed Google Map in the project, and getting access to Twitter data as well, due to the limitations of interface.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our project, because we managed to get realtime Twitter information, made server understand the natural language, with which we perform disaster analysis, and display related information on Google Map.

What we learned

In hackrice, we learned to cooperate with our teammates and make full use of every team member's potentials.

What's next for HurriCare

We are going to post it online, and actually help people who suffer from disasters. We are also going to gain more real data and apply more complicated algorithms to train a more reliable model, and also to make more precise predictions.

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