Architecture and the success of barge infrastructure rebirth in the New York Metropolitan region.

What it does

The Huntspoint Seaport and Shipyard is a new pier and located in the Bronx at Oak Point Avenue. Our work building a website for this new shipyard and automated chat bot channels is necessary to the improved infrastructure so that the efficiency of barge transport can compete against truck transport.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Topic 1 Automate and Improve

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Team building, serving a customer, rapid deployment of live code that will have a direct impact on the infrastructure of New York City. Stock room Shop Rite unloading experiences of team member Garen Vartanian significantly contributed to the big picture logistics of our system improve the sea to land transport by replicating the diversity of trucking package shipments with port docking scheduling procedures that mimic the trucking manifest with different cargo rapidly deployed from the Hunts Point Seaport and Shipyard pier.

What we learned

Chat bot techniques from Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM. Conversations with the Port Authority and shipping professionals greatly increased our knowledge of shipping and management of shipyards. The process of applying datasets to the problem solving of these logistically challenging issues can improve the barge traffic in the north east, present and efficient market place through technology.

What's next for Hunts Point Seaport and Shipyard

We will engage the customer to continue working with the Port Authority and the shipping experts present in this hackathon to allow space for technology to improve the efficiency of fresh produce and seafood distribution to 25 million customers in the New York metropolitan region.

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