Just like many others, we enjoy traveling when we can and seeing new sights. Of course not everyone has the luxury. Fortunately, Virtual Reality allows all manner of possibilities to become reality. Anyone can experience their deepest desires and "travel" around the world.

What it does

Our product is a source of entertainment for the adventurous. We set the player on an island and allow them to explore and attempt to survive.

How we built it

We uses Unity to make the 3-D models of the island environment and sprites. A lot of work was put into the little details of a natural habitat, such as rocks, bushes, foliage, etc. We also added C# scripts to add the functionality of pressing keys to teleport ahead or pick up items, and the AI of sprites.

Challenges we ran into

As many may relate, time seemed to be the greatest foe. As the first exposure to 3-D modeling, Unity, and C# for all three of us, we had a lot of catching up to do before we could even get started! This really came down to cutting down on our goals and researching extensively to learn and execute the general framework of the concept. The greatest challenge specifically would be the environment, as there was a lot of effort in putting the scene together and realizing later on in the process that another layer or component was needed to provide what we had considered basic functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our implementation of the teleport. In hindsight, as one of our friends revealed, it would have been done much more simply with a Valve library. But we're proud that we got it done in our own way. Unconventionally, perhaps, but it, along with our many other struggles helped to cement the fundamentals of these new software tools.

What we learned

We learned some fundamentals of C# in it's different style of coding and it's many libraries. We learned how to use Unity to 3-D model and combine it with scripting to provide a greater range of abilities to the user and the environment. Most of all, we learned how to got to explore VR in all its excellence.

What's next for Hunters and Gatherers

As one would expect of a virtual experience, the future steps would definitely begin with greater realism and details in the graphics and the environment. Therein lies the path to our goal of replicating the joy one experiences in real life into the virtual world. Engagement and relatedness would be the core principles to guide our improvements.

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