Welcome To HunterDAO

HunterDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in early NFT projects, and aims to empower the NFT industry and future creator economy.


Inspired by CultDAO which invests in early Token projects, hunterDAO wanna be build a decentralized Venture Capital focused on early NFTs, to provide funds to support very potential artists and NFT creators to start their project. The DAO community determine which NFT project to invest, and all investment incomes will return to the community.

What it does

(1) Invest to Earn The basic business is to invest and earn. When users transact HUNTER tokens, the DAO Management Fee will be collected into the Treasury. Every time the treasury accumulate 21 ETH, it will be sent automatically to an approved project wallet address as an investment. When the invested NFT projects launch, in return, they will share part of their NFT Royalty to the DAO as well as other rewards (i.e NFTs, Whitelist quality) .

HunterDAO will make investing in NFT projects much more easier, and provides opportunity for web3 users to find future UNICON projects in the very early stage, and gain rich return for their excellent vision and correct choice.

(2)Which to invest is the community choice As a decentralized Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) , HunterDAO has its governance mechanism: that the community members vote and decide which project to invest. The Top 50 holders submit the proposal, and the others vote on that. Since the investment return will be distributed to all the holders according to their shares, it makes the voting results meet the best interest of community and will lead a healthy growth of the DAO.

(3) A Bounty platform connecting Web3 Protocols + NFT artists and creators: HunterDAO has also a “Bounty Hunting”section, where the Protocols can post their Bounty Task, and call for artists to compete.

For example, a protocol can call for a NFT Souvenir Design for its brand, here in HunterDAO there are lots of artists who submit their art works for competition. And the community will vote on all the works and choose severail winners, and all the winners share the Bounty. For the Protocol, they get original NFT works at lower cost, but gain more community exposure and buzz for its event; For the artists get the bounty while their talent are seen by more people. For the voters they will get voting rewards.

HunterDAO make it possible for everyone to attend the decentralized governance, and to share the DAO benefits based on their involvement


Website:https://www.hunterdao.club/ Github:https://github.com/HunterDAOClub/hunterdao Whitepaper: https://hunterdao.gitbook.io/docs/ Video Demo: https://youtu.be/AEeG1lIiHHE Twitter: https://twitter.com/HunterDaoClub Email:hunterdao@hotmail.com

Main Functions

STAKE: Users can stake HUNTER tokens to attend the community governance, receive the staking rewards.

Submit Proposal: The Top 50 stakers can submit Investment Proposal for a NFT project. Once approved, 17.5 ETH from the DAO Treasury will be sent to the project wallet.

Vote: The other stakers can vote on the investment Proposals, to decide YES or NO. When the YES is more than 50% and reaches a certain of votes, the proposal gets approved.

Earn Investment Return: When an investee NFT project launches, it will pay back DAO with rewards: the NFT Royalty Shares, NFTs, Whitelist seats and etc. All the Investment Return will be swapped into HUNTER tokens and 50% will be distributed to all stakers; 50% will be burned to keep HUNTER deflation.

Bounty Hunting: The third-party protocols set a Bounty Task on the DAO, and artists will submit their art works to compete, the community vote on the works.

How we built it

We have analyzed the market need, and current NFT industry situations and problems, then We decided to build a DAO to resolve the problems, and bring these values to the new WEB3 users.

Challenges we ran into

We find the marketing is the a challenge to us, we hope to attend in this hackathon and let our ideas known by more people. And we’d love to hear more voice and suggestion to improve the product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We spent more than 30 days building it, and now the UI is complete, the main functions of SATKE, PROPOSAL, VOTE are ready in testnet.

What's next for HunterDAO

-Airdrop & Launch on mainnet -Invest and incubate the first NFT projects -Complete the Bounty Hunting Section -Future NFT launchpad and NFT market sections

Who we call for?

If you are an individual or institutional investor in the blockchain industry, or a designer who has great ideas but not understood by your boss or people around, of you are a person who wants to sleep until whenever you wake up, no alarm clock, no daily check-in or check-out, crabbing your phone all day just because you like. For those believing in liberty and don’t want to be managed or restricted, HunterDAO has created a new place for you. You can go any direction that you’re interested in; you can vote on the early project that you hope HunterDAO to invest, you can create your own workpiece, or just vote for the others and gain Hunter Rewards… If you like any of the ideas above, then you are welcome to join HunterDAO and become a Hunter.

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