Hunter List is like Fantasy Football for Product Hunt where your "players" are the products you vote on.

Hunter List is a leaderboard for product "hunters" on Product Hunt. We monitor actions people take on and calculate an intuition-based metric based on the success of the products they support. We call this metric "Juice".

Our target user would be the hunters themselves. We'd like to spawn competition in the product hunt community for who is able to pick the best products the earliest. In addition, Hunter List can be used as a tool to gauge a hunter's intuition. This can be useful in deciding whose advice to take when making an investment in a company as their "Juice" rank will quickly let someone determine how consistently correct a hunter is about products they support.

Also, I wanted to let people know what their juice score is, but didn't want to purchase or generate an SSL Cert to use twitter's API. So I'm caching an RSS feed, connected to IFTTT that will tweet people's scores, tweet cool products from product hunt, and tweet random stupid things about liking juice! Since IFTTT won't let you @mention people in a tweet, I'm routing the tweets through Buffer.

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