Why this

I'm a bit of a... well, loser, to be honest. Especially when it comes to getting attention for the stuff I make. And I make a lot of stuff; I've submitted three of my projects to PH with no luck.

It wasn't until I connected with a fellow Portland entrepreneur, who did have access to submit, that I got one of my projects hunted. Clearly, for a small fry to get on PH, you need to know somebody.

So I decided to make Hunter Gather to help small fries group together and prioritize reaching out to people with PH access who are most likely to be interested in their product. We (me and Brett "boots" Beutell) use a combination of PH and CrunchBase data to figure out a user's vote and hunt trends, prioritizing people who seem important, interested, and accessible.


Of course a hackathon product doesn't have everything we want. Targets for down the road include:

  • Richer matching, especially mapping products to categories
  • Customized weighing
  • Identify currently-hot projects and people in the space
  • Find voting/twitter "cliques", and less busy people within those groups, as easier entry points
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