Just for fun.

What it does

Its a game when the hero is running from the wrath of the hungry wolfs.

How I built it

I built it with sprite-kit and used swift as my language.

Challenges I ran into

The physics bodies or rigid bodies for those unity programmers out there, were one of the biggest challenges for me. They would for some reason not actually doing what I programmed it to do. If you want to know how I fixed it, I'll tell you. I appended it to a array where in the update function will remove it and there for solving my problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My accomplishments are pushing an game to the app store and this other game that I will be pushing soon, around mid August, called Zombies Survive the Wave.

What I learned

I improved my knowledge of programming and when I start working on my own I feel confident that I can turn my ideas into reality.

What's next for Hungry Wolf

I'm thinking to refactor it and restart it completely, for using the accelerometer as a controller doesn't suit my game.

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