I have always been driven to help people, and to be a servant of my community. As such, using the technical knowledge I do have, I wanted to do a service for the members of my community. I think by centralizing information related to resources to help food-insecure individuals, we can make those resources more accessible, and make the community at large more aware, both for the individuals that need those resources, and those in a place to support those organizations.

What it does

The website essentially acts like a forum, where authorized organizations and community members can make posts about food availability and provide information about services they provide. This centralizes this information to make it more accessible to the community.

How I built it

The website was made on Wix, utilizing aspects of the Velo API to enhance the website. For the most part, the project was fairly low-code, with some touches of JavaScript programming to add additional function.

Challenges we ran into

The JavaScript portions were extremely intimidating. While the Velo repository had a variety of software already set and ready to go, trying to add additional functionality that wasn't immediately available proved very difficult given my limited JavaScript Experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud I was able to get the forum of the site to be read-only for unapproved members while giving approved users the ability to post, that functionality proved very difficult for me to figure out while setting up the site.

What we learned

I learned mostly about what I needed to learn. Primarily, I learned that a lot of the value of a team is two-fold; they can help when you get stuck, and can offer new perspectives on a problem related to their own expertise. I had huge shortcomings in terms of coding, a problem that could've been minimized with a team, even if they were of only slightly greater skill than myself.

What's next for Hungry-To-Food Project

I would really like to take the project and refine it, working to thoroughly de-bug and simplify it. Then, I would like to reach out to community outreach groups and see if they would benefit from a service like this, and how it could best be publicized to reach the most people.

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