What is your chosen theme and problem statement? Giving Back qn1

What does your hack do? Given a keyword, the web application that we made will scrape real time data from google search related to the keyword. The users will be able to see the list of volunteer jobs around Singapore. The website also allows users to be able to click and visit the volunteer jobs website.

How does your hack answer the problem statement? We make volunteering easier to encourage it to become more widespread, by allowing volunteers to easily find volunteering opportunities that they are keen and interested in.

How did you build your hack? We built it by using vue.js for the frontend, and did the web-scraping and backend APIs using python.

What are some difficulties you overcame? We encountered some difficulty when we were trying to connect the backend APIs to the frontend, and we also encountered some challenges when trying to web scrape the volunteering opportunities.

What was your biggest learning point from LifeHack 2022? Creating a fully working full stack web application (front end and back end)

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