Based on our research, 80% of people think that they don’t have enough time, money or knowledge on how to meal plan, purchase and prepare their meals. FRiDG helps solve this problem.

What it does

People who are looking to start a new diet after being diagnosed with celiac disease or those who are just looking to eat healthier are having a hard time understanding where to start. This application is able to understand an individual's diet preferences and provide thousands of food options that are in line with their specific diet. This gives people extra time in their day because it takes away the need for them to do any research.

In addition, FRiDG has many partnerships with grocery stores. By using purchasing patterns and location proximity, groceries will be purchased at the location most convenient and comfortable for our customers. The location of the grocery store will be integrated into the customer’s life seamlessly to ensure they don’t need to go far for their groceries. To make it even more convenient, the grocery store will be packaging all the ingredients for the consumer into a grocery bag so that all the customers have to do is just pick up the bag from the grocery store. FRiDG also offers the option to deliver to our customer’s door for an additional cost.

The key differentiating factors of FRiDG versus any other application/platforms/services is that FRiDG bridges the gap that exists today between planning, tracking, and ordering food. FRiDG offers it all in one platform. Additionally, FRiDG has the functionality of automatically building the customer’s grocery basket based on the recipes they’ve selected.

Summary of how the platform works: Step 1: Customers select the recipes that fit their preferences Step 2: FRiDG automatically builds customers’ grocery basket Step 3: FRiDG orders groceries from the most convenient grocery store for customers Step 4: Customers can choose to pick-up the basket or have it delivered to their homes

How we built it

UI/UX designer came up with a series of mockup and the dev team has implemented them. Github repo is used where all dev members worked on a single branch by frequently communicating and pulling/pushing code base.

Challenges we ran into

As a team, we had varying viewpoints on many things such as the functionality of the platform, design, colours, and even for the mission and vision statements as well as the problems that we wanted to address with FRiDG. We were able to overcome these challenges by communicating openly, listening to one another’s ideas, and even actually blending each other's concepts and ideas together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seeing the end result of what we were able to create was the most rewarding experience. Knowing that all of us were able to pull through in such a short period of time feels like such an accomplishment.

What we learned

Several team members worked together to learn new applications to support the team in creating/designing prototypes. Although it was a challenge to learn a new application in such a short period of time, the team was able to pull together and assist one another

What's next for Hungry Hungry Hackers

FRiDG will add a new feature into the platform, allowing users to scan receipts from restaurants. The values from the receipts will be inputted into FRiDG automatically, helping customers keep track of expenses and one-off possible impulse purchases made outside of the FRiDG platform.

Additionally, we want to create a smart city where customers can go to any restaurant, scan the barcode of every dish/food item with their FRiDG platform and be able to recreate the meal on their own. The barcode would contain the recipe for the dish, allowing FRiDG to order the necessary grocery items for them.

In terms of partnership, FRiDG is looking to partner with more large and small grocery stores, reaching a greater target market of users, especially those who have preferences for very specific grocery stores.

FRiDG will also be implementing more advertising, brand partnerships, and sponsorships to continue providing a solid database of recipe options, content, and experience for our customers. This will also allow for an increase in sources of revenue for us to continue improving the platform.

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