Hungry For What?

Website -

Created by: Zane Denmon and Patrick Langen

Languages Used - HTML5, CSS, SQL, JavaScript

Developer Tools - Namecheap (Domain), Amazon Web Services (Server and Database), Github (Hold files for website), MySQL (Create SQL file to hold data)

Amazon Web Services Used - EC2 (Server), RDS (Database), VPC (Security)

Have you ever been in a situation where you don't know where to eat? Now, deciding where to eat is made easy with:


Choose what category of meal you wish to choose from - Cuisine, Food Item, or Price. After you choose, our database will sort through our information to provide the user with restaurants that best fit their needs.

What do YOU wanna eat? This question has never been easier to answer.

External Code Used - Felix Geisendörfer's "node-mysql" on Github link

This was used in an attempt to implement the SQL into the HTML5 document.

Bugs: 1) Only works in certain browsers. 2) Issues implementing EC2 and RDS (the server and the database, respectively) into the website (EC2 and RDS are services offered by Amazon Web Services). 3) SQL does not implement well into HTML5 (need to use PHP and JavaScript)

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