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I have a couple cookbooks at home, along with my pal Google to help me find food recipes. At times, though, I found the cookbooks were a little outdated and hard to manage, while Google searches got a little messy with no way to organize the results. So, I made Hungry Chef, a website where you can browse various recipes of certain dishes with ease.

What it does

Hungry Chef is an interactive website where you can look up over 1,000,000 recipes online. Users can see the dish, ingredients needed, cooking time, and amount of servings(also adjustable). You can choose to heart these recipes and save them in a drop down menu for later, or add ingredients you may need to a shopping list.

How I built it

This project required a lot of different components. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were my main tools. I also used dependencies like Babel and Webpack along with the Food2Fork API.

Challenges I ran into

There were a lot of challenges I ran into with this project. First making the page with HTML and CSS took some time to perfect. I also had to create all the elements I would need when integrating JavaScript. The thing is, it was very difficult to make the website interact exactly how I wanted. I also had to use the Food2Fork API, which was extremely challenging to implement in the website.

For the video, I needed to use subtitles and download it as a youtube link, which took some time to learn. I needed the subtitles to say that this submission is for Hack TAMS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the biggest application I have ever built, and I'm super happy I got everything to work. I don't know too much about API's, but with this project I learned a lot about them. My JavaScript skills were really put to the test when making this, but they are a lot stronger now that I have.

What I learned

How to integrate API's, make HTML, CSS, and JavaScript work together, use Dependencies.

What's next for Hungry Chef

There are definitely some areas of improvement in this application. Next, I make make the aesthetics better, fix the bug where the recipe info doesn't load up until you refresh the page, and make a Sign Up & Log In feature.

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