We were inspired to do this based on our love for cats, love for food, and our programming skills.

What it does

A game that is a twist of Fruit Ninja. Instead of having fruit and bombs fly up and down, food and garbage fall from the sky, and you have two paws that swipe out from the left and right in order to eat food and avoid garbage. Score is based on weight gained from food eaten. Strikes are received every time garbage is eaten. After 3 times eating garbage, the game ends and the score get's displayed.

How we built it

Implemented with Java and XML on Android Studio in order to create screen layouts, developed with an open-source game engine, AndEngine, and used the latest photoshop and open source graphics to create yummy and disgusting food/garbage sprites and aesthetic backgrounds.

Challenges we ran into

Learning and working with AndEngine's undocumented code, wi-fi issues, creating user-friendly front end, covering memory issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Witnessing an idea come to fruition, designing and creating a roadmap that is reasonable for a weekend hackathon, and seeing the finished product come into reality is just amazing. It was amazing having time to enjoy the hackathon events, having completed a functional game through time management and impeccable productivity with the team.

What we learned

We learned to set up a game engine and created sprites that interacted with one another with open-source API AndEngine. With our past experiences, we were able to have good project management over all tasks and created a meaningful project that definitely can be built to scale in the Android app Marketplace.

What's next for Hungry Cats

Making it more smooth and have more features so it can be published in the Android app store.

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