We are the definition of indecisive. Every time we're together, we spend 10 minutes deciding where we want to eat. So now, we're going to save you time so you can get on with your life. We are going to help you make that decision for you.

Also, people are diverse. Just because five people give one restaurant five stars, does not necessarily mean that you will enjoy it just as much. So we're finding other people who give similar reviews as you to predict what you will enjoy eating.

What it does

We help you find a place to eat based on your previous reviews of places to grub.

How we built it

Used a dataset with reviews, restaurants, and customers to help predict what you would like to eat. We used Flask for our web application and python for our backend.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges was trying to figure out the Yelp dataset and how to open it. After spending quite some time on this and exhausting two mentors, we decided to move on and work with a different dataset.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Karuna learned about machine learning and the kNN algorithm. Amy learned more about web development and how to use Flask.

What's next for Hungry?

We are going to connect you with your friends so you can get matched with people who have similar tastes in food. We can make a chatbot; we don't want you to download more apps. We can include other features to group by besides affordability and rating. We can also incorporate a location based feature. If you only have five minutes to walk and get food, 1. you don't have time to waste browsing through Yelp, 2. you need to get food, fast.

Maybe you're a vegetarian and you want to find the best vegetarian places around! Maybe you want to see the newest place that just opened! Maybe you like specific cuisines or beverages or desserts! We live to help you find your next favorite place to eat (and ours, too).

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