What it does

Hungre Hungre Frogge is a game about feeding blobs to frogs. Frogs can't push blobs, so you must build walls to herd the food to their mouths.


One of our original ideas was a micromanagement game similar in style, but with simplified controls. We were originally stumped by the theme of "building", but the new blob herding mechanic that we were forced to come up with turned out to be way more fun than we thought.

How we built it

The rendering was 100% thanks to the HackersNest engine. However, several things were missing, including circular and line colliders. The logic for collision physics was written by us with a lot of help from Desmos.

Challenges we ran into

c++ was a challenging language for us to write a game quickly in due to the obscure error messages and weird syntax quirks that were different from the languages we normally use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At the beginning, we were unsure if we could build a game in any amount of time since none of us come from a background of game development.

What we learned

Our c++ skills were significantly sharpened, and we're much more comfortable with using the entity-component system that is commonly found in game engines.

What's next for Hungre Hungre Frogge

Levels, and physics that is implemented by someone who knows what they're doing.

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