Before quarantine, going out to eat with your friends was fun, but often difficult when deciding where to eat. You hear the usual "wherever you want", offer suggestions, and are met with disagreement.

Hungr aims to make these difficult and unproductive conversations a thing of the past. Simply create a room and have your friends join, and swipe away! When everyone swipes right on a restaurant, you have found a place to eat!

Our Technology

We used a wide range of open-source technologies to build Hungr. While we weren't necessarily experts in these, we still had a great experience developing and learning! Here's some of the most notable ones.

Google Places API

Using the Google Places API, we gather data from nearby restaurants for you to browse and choose from. Relevant information, such as restaurant name, rating, and photos are displayed in a card-like format, allowing you to make quick yet informed decisions on where to eat your next meal.

AWS Amplify

Our backend is supported by AWS Amplify, namely the DataStore feature used to keep devices synced, providing a responsive and fast experience. Using GraphQL queries, we were able to get the exact data we need and limit the number of API calls.

React Native

Since so many users are running different devices, using React Native made cross-platform support effortless. We only needed one codebase to develop on. Additionally, React Native allowed us to effectively translate our skills in React and web development into the mobile realm withour a steep learning curve.


Finally, this site for documentation was built using Docsify! Writing Markdown and having it generate a good-looking site was incredibly simple.


Mostly, time commitment. Trying to balance working on the project with other responsibilities such as school was really difficult, and we did not accomplish everything we wanted to. However, we still learned a lot, especially working with technolgies that were new to us.

What's next for Hungr

  • Finishing integration of back-end and front-end
  • User authentication
  • Allow filtering of restaurants
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