We were hungry, and we had no time. Therefore we need an app to help us meal prep

What it does

Takes into account the user's weekly schedule, budget, appliances, and dietary restrictions and recommends when and how much food to buy for that week.

How we built it

We sketched wireframes to determine the look and flow of the app. We conducted some user research on mentors and cmd-f organizers, asking for their opinion on the app, and whether or not they would use it.

Then, we used Figma to create a wireframe, turn it into a mockup, and prototyped it!

Challenges we ran into

Only one person on the team knew the software and was able to teach everyone else

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a clean user interface and working mockup and prototype that is realistic!

What's next for Hungr

Actually programming and implementing it. We believe in conducting proper UX and UI before going into dev, and adopting a design thinking mindset. This way, our product is polished and has the details worked out for painless coding.

Built With

  • c
  • figma
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