Hunger strikes anytime anywhere. Solve it now!

What It Is is a portable app that lets you tackles those food cravings wherever and whenever. Pop up one of our tasty food items and start snacking! Have you ever thought of buying delicious food but your wallet says otherwise? Or that you're craving some of that tasty snacks that might not be healthy for your diet? Well, this is an AR android app that lets you purchase tasty food products using the fast and simple Interac e-Transfer system, and stimulates the eating process without breaking the bank or your diet. By doing this, you will get the satisfaction of eating delicious food without spending any money.

How We Built It

We used React Native camera, Expo, Interac e-Transfer API, Stdlib API platform.

Challenges We Ran Into

We were unfamiliar with the Interac e-Transfer API and it took a while to go through it and understand the structure. Additionally, it was the first time using React Native extensively, Stdlib API platform, and Expo, so there was some trial and error.

What We Learned

We learned how to use and implement the powerful Interac e-Transfer API into our app, and familiarize ourselves with some very important frameworks and libraries.

What Is Next For

We are planning to add more variety of items onto the app. Also, extend the functionality of the app such as incorporating AI and machine learning to recommend food items for users. Also, providing user with the option to choose what they want to eat.

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