With the huge crowds in Makkah and Medina, it is all too easy to get separated from your loved ones or group or even from your belongings, what could be unpleasant especially for the oldest, non arabs and illiterate hajj pilgrims.
beside this , As muslims , programmers , designers and entrepreneurs we found it necessary to contribute in the modernisation and development of the hajj experience targeting in the first stage the crowds management.

What it does

In order to make your hajj experience a better one, Huna aims to provide an intelligent tracking service composed of a device , an application and a QR Code, with a mission to avoid you getting separated from your loved ones or group. The system has also the possibility to identify every hajj pilgrims, getting his personal information and health situation the system allows to : notify the hajj pilgrims in case he moved away from his groupe ( 0,25 milles ) find the way to the group leader in case of getting lost allow the authorities to generate every hajj pilgrims personal information including the health situation report. trigger an alarm in case of danger

How we built it

We are using many tools and frameworks for developing our App: => frameworks and language: we use PHP and Json for creating Api's and set it on the server and react native for back-end, native base for components and design an app => Tools: we use Sketch, Atome,Visual studio Code

Challenges we ran into

We gathered our team and agreed on the idea, it’s business, till the first day of the hackathon. Low quality of internet. We were very distracted and tired, the first day, because of our flights delays, jet lag and lost luggages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our teamwork; in less than one day we were able to agree on the business model of our product, design the app interfaces, design the device and realize the beta version of our application. We were able to stay during the code night ( 12 hours of code ) and so to be part of the Guinness new record.

What we learned

Team diversity can strengthen your business, and boost your project. Passion, patient and team cohesion can make hard things easy. You must build a collaborative and successful work environment to have better results.

What's next for C-001-HUNA

Test and validate our intelligent system. Confirm partnerships with the Saudi Telecom Company and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Launching our first version of Huna for Umrah in next september. Add luggages lost device.

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