Yingdan and I both are lenders on Compound Finance. Since lending rates for different tokens fluctuate with supply and demand, it's hard to keep track of which lending rates are highest and to maximize our earnings by lending tokens that will achieve the highest interest rates.

What it does

At completion, the app will monitor lending rates on Compound and automatically lend to the tokens that have the highest rates. If it doesn't have the token on hand, it will swap into it using Kyber.

How we built it

The app combines an Geth node with wallet unlocked with a nodeJS app that interacts with the Geth node using web3.

Challenges we ran into

No front-end dev on the team, Compound lending methods are not fully documented yet

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got something working

What's next for HummingLend

  • Fix the supply API
  • Build a real front-end UI
  • Incorporate swap API using Kyber
  • Add configuration view
  • Add transaction log view

Built With

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