How we built it Taking apart an on-the-market humidifier, we began to understand its components and functions. Using Arduino we were able to control the mechanical components of the humidifier and have it react to environmental conditions. Understanding its current form, we redesigned the shape allow for more water storage along with creating a different aesthetic, one that would want to be featured in a home or office.

Challenges we ran into The main challenge was learning Arduino coding within the timeline and create a physical prototype of our humidifier within the timeframe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of We are proud of our first prototype of Humidi-bot, in both its technological and physical aspects.

What's next Currently we used components of the market humidifier and were limited by its dimensions and forms. For the next iteration, all components will be designed and prototyped. We would also like to make humidi-bot smarter, having it also read information from the user’s wearable device, using that information as another factor for the bot to process.

Built With Arduino Autodesk

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