Fishackathon 2016

What it does

GhostGear is an app that tracks the location of the lobster cages, the buoys attached to them, the location of the fisherman, and the location of the other ships from other industries. This helps coordinate the different parties and let known the areas to avoid, so as to prevent the generation of more ghost gears.

On top of it, it provides functionality such as calculating suspicious ships based on the location of the cages to deter intentional disposal of faulty lobster traps.

As a management tool, it can also track ghost gears to aid retrieval as well as keep track the ownership of lobster cages which encourages accountability.

How we built it

GhostGear is a web app built mainly on Java and JavaScript. We also used Google Map API to display the location of the different items.

Challenges we ran into


  • Simulation of Real-life Data
  • Understanding the existing technologies used in lobster fishing
  • Customizing Google Map display

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to achieve simple and easy to use interface that directly addresses some of the main root cause that is causing the problem of ghost gears.

What we learned

Understand the challenges that is threatening the marine lives.

What's next for HumbleBees

Final Year Project!!

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