Andre in our team went on a date with a girl that he met on a popular dating app that involves swiping. The next day we were discussing that being an engineer on LinkedIn is like being a girl on a dating app - you get lots of unwanted attention from recruiters. So we wondered if we could make a recruitment matchmaking app where the engineer is in control, and so humble was born!

What it does

humble uses AI to match engineers to their dream job.

Connect your GitHub profile to humble and it creates your profile based on your technical skills and experience. Our AI then suggests tech jobs at companies in your area (or further afield) based on tech skills and experience match.

Swipe left if you don't like the job and swipe right if you would be interested in finding out more. There's always more jobs for you to look at!

Recruiters from tech companies are doing the same looking at your engineer profile, but they can't see your photo or name (to avoid gender or ethnicity bias) - just your skills and experience.

Once a match has been made, only the engineer may initiate a conversation with the recruiter (so they avoid getting harassed!). The engineer can chat back and forth with the recruiter and then he or she may decide to take things on to the next level - and apply for the job!

How we built it

Hugo worked on the back end code (Ruby). Andre worked in React to make a UI. Boyan worked on the AI to make the matching of engineers to jobs based on deep-learning. Sohraab sourced data for analysis. Steven wore an interesting jumper and typed words in places.

We use the SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud API to charge companies based on how often engineers swipe to choose them (so the most popular companies pay more than smaller companies). We also use the Esri API to match engineers to jobs based on geography.

Challenges we ran into

Andre had a problem. We're not sure what the problem is because we didn't want to disturb him and he looked quite intense. Andre eventually entered a trance-like state where he could not distinguish code from reality. Sourcing good job data to run the AI on was not easy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app successfully matches you to the jobs you are best suited to.

What we learned

We can build something cool and useful in a day.

What's next for humble - AI-powered engineer recruitment dating app

We would like to see if companies would be interested in receiving applications this way and whether more engineers would like to browse jobs this way.

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