What Inspired Us

A good customer experience leaves a lasting impression across every stage of their journey. This is exemplified in the airline and travel industry. To give credit and show appreciation to the hardworking employees of JetBlue, we chose to scrape and analyze customer feedback on review and social media sites to both highlight their impact on customers and provide currently untracked, valuable data to build a more personalized brand that outshines its market competitors.

What Our Project does

Our customer feedback analytics dashboard, BlueVisuals, provides JetBlue with highly visual presentations, summaries, and highlights of customers' thoughts and opinions on social media and review sites. Visuals such as word clouds and word-frequency charts highlight critical areas of focus where the customers reported having either positive or negative experiences, suggesting either areas of improvement or strengths. The users can read individual comments to review the exact situation of the customers or skim through to get a general sense of their social media interactions with their customers. Through this dashboard, we hope that the users are able to draw solid conclusions and pursue action based on those said conclusions.

Humans of JetBlue is a side product resulting from such conclusions users (such as ourselves) may draw from the dashboard that showcases the efforts and dedication of individuals working at JetBlue and their positive impacts on customers. This product highlights our inspiration for building the main dashboard and is a tool we would recommend to JetBlue.

How we designed and built BlueVisuals and Humans of JetBlue

After establishing the goals of our project, we focused on data collection via web scraping and building the data processing pipeline using Python and Google Cloud's NLP API. After understanding our data, we drew up a website and corresponding visualizations. Then, we implemented the front end using React.

Finally, we drew conclusions from our dashboard and designed 'Humans of JetBlue' as an example usage of BlueVisuals.

What's next for BlueVisuals and Humans of JetBlue

  • collecting more data to get a more representative survey of consumer sentiment online
  • building a back-end database to support data processing, storage, and organization
  • expanding employee-centric

Challenges we ran into

  • Polishing scraped data and extracting important information.
  • Finalizing direction and purpose of the project
  • Sleeping on the floor.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • effectively processed, organized, and built visualizations for text data
  • picking up new skills (JS, matplotlib, GCloud NLP API)
  • working as a team to manage loads of work under time constraints

What we learned

  • value of teamwork in a coding environment
  • technical skills
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