Citizen Social Science in the age of the ALPHA GENERATION

Humanner is a Citizen Social Science IT Project, aimed at creating a new social networked environment that connects academics directly with communities so that evidence-based research may be shared and acted upon instantly with consistent feedback and contributions from the community.


It is time to align people and environmental needs through new interconnected collaborative organizational models. Establish the bridge between the virtual and offline world as well as connect academics and communities to focus on social impact by providing the missing valuable functions of the social technology for the common good. We want everyone to be able to share and take joint action on everyday experiences and quality of life concerns; at a local, national and global level.

Collective Holistic Social Innovation Ecosystem Management helps people prepare for the rapidly changing world of work, inspires veterans and their families join into the champion resilient sustainable communities and eliminate the unfair competitive advantages of the tech giant's traditional business models..

To do this by holistically connect the disconnected and isolated dots with each other and communities of GLOCAL society to use technologies and methods to collectively solve problems by holistic approach and Eco-System Design thinking to improve the..

Humanity’s relationship to its environment

Humanity’s relationship to technology, and

Humanity’s relationship to itself


Before you read anything please watch this video first:

  • You will much better understand what you will read after -

Eco-System Thinking - for ALL OF US

DOMINO EFFECT - COVID-19 -->> Global economy -->> Social crisis -->> Political crisis -->> ???

Earth's living system -->> Technology -->>Collective Future Planning-->> Why need? <<-->> Collective Mind = WISDOM


Humanner's 3 main BUILDING BLOCKS:

1/ Community - If we do not develop common language - Can't communicate

2/ Multi Layered Social BPM PLANET PLATFORM - If we do not provide methods and tools - Can't act collectively

3/ Social Business Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem - If we do not make business differently - Can't help the commons

Let's start

1/ Community = people = folks = Mass

  • Virtual / Offline Local - like a GLOCAL like a networked PRESTON MODEL

We are truly living in a very unique time in the history of our civilization, facing several simultaneous challenges and converging crises. We now have a choice to make! Either we move into a new phase in the evolution of consciousness and a new era of life on planet Earth, or we will witness the unravelling of the web of life and the immature end of our species and much of the community of life along with us.

University Social Responsibility --> Citizen Social Science

Linking science and technologies to communities of our global society. Humanner social R&D focus on interweaving new models so smoothly and seamlessly into the currently prevailing system, that it will not be perceived as opposition, but rather as a higher quality competitive model, which gradually replaces the old one.

Our method is to create a high-quality example while showcasing our understanding of what it means to be human.

CCSR - Corporate and COLLECTIVE Social Responsibility

We can thank the pandemic for opening the way to a global transformation.
Now the way is open to creating a better world, a world that lives up to the power and the potential of the human spirit.

There has never been a more exciting or more important task in the history of humankind.

2/ Multi Layered Social BPM Semantic PLANET PLATFORM

• Erosion of the Surveillance Capitalism ---> Privacy Revolution <-- Reclaim what's rightfully belongs to us

Humanner's system work with a MULTI FUNCTIONAL holistic multisolving approach so that make the investment more impactful. Single investment of time and money - Defined as a way of solving multiple problems with a single investment of time and money, the multisolving approach brings together stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines to tackle public issues in a cost-efficient manner

1/ "Normal" days (GLOCAL) - Collective Social Innovation Network

2/ In Crisis situation can turn into - Collective Crisis Management System

Humanner aimed at improving digital capability in a multi-layered milieu. Envisaged transformative Multi Layered Social Network of Networks by unique SOCIETY's Web 3.0 as a semantic way connected people create a humane and sustainable collaborative environment for individuals, families, communities and all kind of organisation by helping each other in virtual and offline Common Point's Workshops to reach their fullest potential through the power of collaborative problem solving community work.

•.Holistically Multi Layered Data + Semantic + GIS --> Array of Things

•.Mindmap --> Process flow --> BPMN --> UML --> Code flow visualisation

•.CITIZEN DEVELOPMENT - no code / low code - visual programming

•.Social BPM - collective policy development and review system

•.Pilot Project (Networked Preston model)

Humanner SPOSC - Single Point of Service Contact

•.Expertise to help with solutions

•.Frameworks to help deliver those solutions

•.Toolkits to put "flesh" on the frameworks

•A repository of tried and tested methods which work (and experiential case study derived intelligence on things which don't work)

•.A common set of steps, a recipe, a plan... For the delivery of all of these things.

Digital GLOCAL Collective intelligence can bring together many diverse ideas and practices. Yet we sorely lack more concerted support and action to assemble new combinations of tools that can help the world think and act at a pace as well as scale commensurate with the problems we face.

We need an entirely different model of dealing with reality, a new frame of mind, a collective intelligence. This is an ability to come into communion with a group and act as a single unit of intelligence.

For example:

Information is a prerequisite for any effective emergency response.

To get to know why WE NEED A complex SYSTEM than please watch this video first:

  • You will much better understand what you will read after - Eco-System Thinking - for ALL OF US

The increasing importance of information has begun the process of interrelated changes of the whole society in today’s world. The rapid development of information and communication technologies occurs also in the problematic of crisis management. Since we live in a dynamic world, it is important to be ready to the changes that life brings, responding and adopting new technologies.

One of them is crisis management information system.

Information system is a tool for information support as a functional unit that provides collection, processing, preservation and accessibility of information and data. It includes information sources, media, hardware and software, and equipment, technologies and procedures, standards and employees

It is a comprehensive set of management activities and procedures, approaches, views, experiences, methods and measures aimed on analyzing and evaluating security risks, planning, organizing, implementing and controlling the activities used by crisis management authorities to manage specific situations.

Crisis management is an integral part of the management of the state, organization or other institution that is interested in its development.

Crisis management is also referred to as a tool to ensure sustainable development of society, organization, territory and country which can help us to save life, health and property in the whole world.

LINK: Virtual Collective as Deliberative Living Laboratory

Modelling of possibilities would be really helpful so everyone can sharing what they experience and how they learned in a social network environment kind of open shared distributed data way where various analytic and visual tools allow us to create narratives and explanations with models in different ways that lets us do collaborative sense-making better so facilitate lots of different people with lots of different tools to approaching the problem solving system. .




3/ Social Business Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem

  • The Base of the Cooperative Social Business Ecosystem -

The Covid-19 pandemic has jeopardized many business – a recent survey showed that 70% of founders feared bankruptcy as a consequence.

While many government initiatives have been announced, it will not be enough to keep the startup scene alive. A recently published report by Social Enterprise UK, entitled the Hidden Revolution, highlighted that there are around 100,000 social enterprises, contributing £60bn to the UK economy and employing 2m people. According to the report the top five cooperatives in the UK pay more tax than Amazon, Facebook, Apple, eBay and Starbucks combined. It is the system thinkers, ecosystem builders around world who are now in charge of adapting to the changed circumstances and provide founders, investors and corporates a perspective on how to continue innovating.

Companies today are born global because they are born digital. Which makes this a historic time. We are at the verge of creating a global equivalent of a medieval town square where small sellers and buyers come together to transact. It is a market where anyone can sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

While e-commerce enables developing countries to leapfrog to the 21st century’s technology-powered world economy - we are not optimizing this opportunity for startups and develop countries.

To get to know why WE NEED A complex SYSTEM please watch this video first:

  • You will much better understand what you will read after - Eco-System Thinking - for ALL OF US

By the Humanner Cooperative Social Business Ecosystem model give financial self-sustainability and emerge the digital infrastructure to connect informal market, unlock the power at the bottom of pyramid, and deliver economic prosperity.

"A charity money has only one life. A Social Business money can be invested over and over again." (Muhammad Yunnus)

Social business is a cause-driven business. The impact of the business on people or environment, rather the amount of profit made in a given period measures the success of social business.

The AliBaba features one of the most successful business models in the world and one that is very different from the accepted business/consumer model that we have grown familiar with. Humanner will convert this complex E-Industry and E-commerce business into social business model by collaborative Open Source social innovation being establish the first multinacional social IT infrastructure for small businesses.

Humanner unite the two biggest volunteer sectors the Open Source and the Non Profit sector into a Social Business Innovation Ecosystem. We aim to explore how open source software, open source hardware, digital maker practices and open design can be effectively used by local communities to fabricate their own tools, make sense of their environments and address pressing environmental problems.

LINK: Poverty? ... Wake up and Think up ...

The service gap is clear, undeniable - the market demand for a solution like this and can also confirm the novelty and lack of direct competition for the idea.

- How I built it

.-5+ years learning flow by research

.-By Micro step by step as can do a single person.

.-Build Social connections.

.-Waiting the right persons to expand the possibilities with them knowledge as a team for the common good.

Please join and help us with your knowledge and experience:


- Challenges I ran into

.-Community building as an ex businessman

.-Motivate the members when not the money the most important factor.

.-Breakdown into micro-tasks for volunteers a very complex ecosystem.

.-Tell understandable in short - how connect the dots between - Global economy + Earth's living system + Collective Mind + Technology + Collective Future Planning


- Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Humanner project got only positive feedback from academics with only a small note to improve the articulation of our identity statement. .- More than 4000+ follower supporter on social media (pages & groups)

.- 360+ Virtual volunteer candidates from all around the world -

.- After 5+ years research information collection we are ready to start. See all about Humanner in details (under Continuous Improvement)

.- Short listed in Google Doc: -

.- Draft Research Wiki: - (size 285 GB - gone offline - COVID eliminated our budget for the dedicated server)

SUB-Startup projects: .- Under the brand name all marketing tools available in house for promotion campaign.

.- Any kind of web hosting problem can resolved by our reseller -


- What I learned

We have to learn lot of about how to teach

- What's next for Humanner

With our TEAM would like find support for partnership with universities.





R1/ Community

I am a citizen of a new country

University Social Responsibility

CollabDesign -

Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA), A DIY Approach to Solving Complex Problems -

Cognitive Dissonance - Changing Minds


R2/ Multi Layered Social BPM Semantic PLANET PLATFORM

Weaving a Decentralized Semantic Web of (Personal) Knowledge

Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data -

Knowledge transfer - knowledge communication & translation -

MiND Technical background of the global brain -

Impact of Social Business Process Management -

Business Model Canvas Facebook -

R3/ Social Business Digital Infrastructure Ecosystem

Alibaba business model canvas -

Business Model Canvas of Alibaba -

Building entrepreneurial ecosystems in peripheral places

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Elements -

Social Data Economy - Array of Things -

Built With

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