Inspiration is a simple thing to help needy people who don't have permanent or relevant work and also for those homeless people who works on daily wages. Those people having problem nowadays due to COVID-19 lockdown and pandemic situation, and those people who don't have enough supplies to survive.

What it does

This website is used to help those homeless people who don't have supplies to survive their life in current situation of lockdown COVID-19. The main aim of this website is that people can come and donate food and others goods too for those people who cannot get enough supplies to survive their life in this critical situation. And needy people can contact us for supplies via mobile SMS or website. Then we can easily connect to needy people or homeless people.

How I built it

This website is built using many technologies which are used for developing one website.

Challenges I ran into

Many challenges we are going to face like how to contact to the contributors and how to supply that food to the needy people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

After accomplishments that Iā€™m proud for the work we done for humanity or for humans and contributions towards the society.

What I learned

We have learned how to face a new challenge and all to solve those challenges.

What's next for Humanity for humans

we improve more facilities and covered more area for helping peoples.

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