Inspiration: We were inspired by all of the things happening in the world right now including, but not limited to, protests, social distancing, and global crises. Even though everyone is handling the situation differently, HumaniTEA can help them all.

What it does: HumaniTEA is mainly a hub of petitions as QR Codes. So far, HumaniTEA hosts 5 categories of petitions: Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ Rights, Mental Health, Women and Children's Struggles, and Climate Change. Our hope is that the petitions will be spread on social media and/or have their QR codes printed to be put on signs used at protests, creating lasting change. This is different from things we have seen because there is both an option to go to the petition page via link and an option to print and save the QR code and spread it that way. It is different, yet so simple that it would have a great effect. On top of the petitions, we have a donate category and an educate category to create an even bigger impact, whether it be with one person or a whole community.

How we built it: Our team built it by beginning the design on Figma and transferring the ideas onto Glitch. For each QR code, we used a QR code generator to form codes from the websites we selected then made them assets. We used html and css for the whole thing and JavaScript for the subscribe button and slideshow on the homepage.

Challenges we ran into: It was difficult getting the design to be cohesive on the many pages we had. After many CSS adjustments, we did it; however, it does not look the same on every computer (I recommend using a desktop computer to view it the way it is supposed to be). We also were unable to back up the email input in the subscription box because we don't have any experience with that, but it works on the front-end!

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I am proud of getting all of the QR codes and their separate pages made while still being designed cohesively. I am also proud that I got the active page to change color on the navigation bar.

What we learned: I learned more about JavaScript (specifically element ids) and drop-down menus!

What's next for HumaniTEA: We plan to update our petitions weekly and add more information and resources to our donate and educate pages. We may even make a donate and educate page for each category to create greater organization. As HumaniTEA grows, we plan to make QR code merchandise (including stickers and tote bags) so when they are scanned in everyday life, they make a difference. As we spread the word, we hope change will be made!

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